We invented a new approach to unsecured personal loans.

Every year lenders say "no" to millions of people looking for unsecured installment loans. They say it's too risky to lend to anyone whose credit isn't "prime". All it takes is an accident, illness, or unexpected expense and some lenders won't lend to you. Even if you're working and paying your bills.

The problem isn't that you're too risky. It's that some lenders may just plug a few numbers into an old formula, and that's that. They don't look at the entire you.

We've invented a new way to let deserving people like you borrow the money you need at affordable rates.

We loan to people, not numbers.

Many lenders confuse you with your data. To them, you're a social security number, a birth date, and a credit score. And that's about all.

Our online loan application is simple and fast. Behind the scenes though we're doing some complicated calculations and comparisons.

Some of your numbers might not look good to another lender. Even so, you could still be a good candidate for an unsecured personal loan from us. Because we get to know you as a person.

Some lenders have come up with ways to make your financial data work against you when you're looking for a personal loan. We created ways of making information work in your favor.

While other lenders may consider just a few pieces of information, we look at many. We make the effort to see your entire financial situation.

Other lenders may design their formulas to say "no" to most requests for small personal loans. We designed ours to look for opportunities to approve you.

Just because you can apply for a Personify loan online and we use powerful technology doesn't mean we're anonymous. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We're people, not loan-bots.

The great thing about online personal loans is you can borrow without ever seeing a person. The bad thing is you borrow without ever seeing a person.

The problem with most online loans is, a lender never gets to know you. So who cares? You should because borrowing is all about trust. Trust is what approves loans. Trust is what sets loan terms.

The more times a borrower and lender do what they say they'll do, the more trust grows. A trusted borrower can borrow more, pay lower rates, and take longer to repay.

But that takes a borrower (you) and a lender (us), getting to know each other. You know, like two humans. That's why we take care to keep the human face in Personify.

When you call us, you'll speak with an experienced Personify specialist. They'll take the time to learn about you and your goals.

By getting to know you better, we can offer you the best personal loan today, and maybe even better loans in the future.

Start with us today.